9Health’s Response to COVID-19

  • Developed a Virtual Town Hall that included experts in the field of geriatrics and infectious disease. The first town hall experienced 30,000 views and over 11,000 occurrences of audience engagement
  • Is conducting Facebook Lives, every Tuesday and Thursday around 11am, focusing on mental health, physical health and general health topics drawing on experts from their fields.
  • Is mobilizing a statewide volunteer medical force, 9Health Neighbors, to be available to answer questions on an individual basis.
  • Partnered with 9NEWS to feature 9Health Expert, Dr. Payal Kohli, in providing facts, not fear across many media platforms.

We are also continuing to move forward with teletherapy, developing a mail order blood screening and additional social media/web productions. Planning for our Fall 9Health fairs is progressing with over 40 sites interested in hosting. We need your support to continue our important health education in the community. Please donate today to invest in the future of 9Health. Donating to 9Health now is more important than ever.

Thank you for contributing to 9Health during this challenging time…our health education and services are now more important than ever.

Why donate to 9Health?

9Health is a community non-profit with the sole mission to advance health awareness, by providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health. For the past 40 years, every spring and fall, volunteers from across the state work together to put on 9Health Fairs in their community. 9Health Fairs are sponsored in the community for the community.  Your donation helps make these community fairs possible.

9Health is your go-to place for accurate health education and tips for disease prevention.  We are looking to continue to bring 9Health services and offerings to all of Colorado in part with support from your tax-refund gift of any amount.

Your Support Makes A Difference

With the help of indivudals, we can continue to help people make important health changes and provide health education year-round.

“I owe my life to your health fair.”

“I have been coming to 9HF for 15 years all the way from Oklahoma.”

“I wanted to write and thank you for offering your services. I had my labs run at a 9Health Fair at my job recently and was found to have elevated liver values, which prompted me to go in for further testing.”

“I have peace of mind, when I see all my numbers doing well, and if they aren’t I can let my doctor know.”

And now, thanks to our 9Health eTools and health education, we provide support to Coloradans year-round. Our digital platform makes health tools accessible and provides links to valuable resources such as mental health counseling.

We acknowledge that Mental Health support is an increasing issue in our state.  To help be a part of the solution to this growing crisis, 9Health offers online Anxiety and Depression screenings and through a partnership with Spark the Change, a non-profit, 9Health helps facilitate pro bono therapy for those who need it.

Take advantage of the many free screenings in one place – it can save you time and money and give you great insights into your current health status. 9Health can also help identify issues early-on that might be of concern and then direct you to the right resources to get the information you need to take preventive health measures.

We appreciate your gift and the great deal of support you provide to 9Health and your community.

What Your Donation Provides

9Health continually seeks to reduce barriers in pursuit of better health and quality of life for everyone. 9Health is proud to serve our community no matter an individual’s ability to pay. When you donate to 9Health Fair, you’re helping us to breakdown more barriers in communities throughout Colorado.

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