Checkoff Colorado

Checkoff Colorado is a statewide public awareness campaign designed to raise awareness about check-off giving—a program that allows taxpayers to make voluntary contributions to their favorite charitable organizations when they file their state income tax return.

We hope when you’re doing your 2016 taxes you will donate to 9Health Fair! By doing so, you help to support our mission to advance health awareness, providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health.

2017 Checkoff Colorado Instructions

Great news about your taxes this year…you can help 9Health Fair reach our goals by donating on line 28 of your Colorado Individual Income Tax Form 104 and attaching form 104CH line 9.

Checkoff Colorado is a simple way to give to Colorado non-profits.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 in this effort. This will help us provide life-saving health screenings for thousands of Coloradans each year and allow us to continue to raise money on the tax form.

No matter how you do your taxes, helping 9Health is easy:

  • Look for us on line 28 of your Colorado Individual Income Tax Form
  • Complete Form 104CH – you will find us on Line 9
  • For other electronic Tax Preparation programs, please look for Colorado Tax Checkoff
  • If you use a tax preparer, simply remind them you’d like a portion of your refund to go to 9Health Fair.

In 2016, there were over 120 Spring and Fall Health Fairs in Colorado!