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Our campaign to support vital health screenings for those who live in rural communities or who are economically disadvantaged.

9Health continually seeks to reduce barriers to better health and quality of life for everyone. While we are proud to serve our community no matter an individual’s ability to pay, this campaign strives to help those most at-risk for lack of access to health care. We believe this will ultimately reduce overall costs to the greater healthcare system.

 WHY GIVE? Your $100 gift can provide life changing screenings for 5 people.

You Can Help Close the Gap on Health Disparities

Providing Access to Health in Underserved Rural Colorado

“I do not know of any other resource available to our communities in Custer, Lake or Fremont Counties. Only the ones that would want to travel could go and get direct access blood draws at a reduced rate. However, a lot of our clients are frail and unable to drive…,” Janice Brunner, Area Agency on Aging

9Health Solution: Through our community outreach initiative, these populations have access to life-saving screenings, preventative and intervention health services.

Support 9Health; Support Families

Many women neglect their own health to take care of the basic needs of their family. They make the time to run their kids to the doctor and the dentist, but between work and family life, it’s hard to find the time to check in on their own health – putting it at the bottom of their list of priorities.

9Health Solution: Through our community outreach initiative our fairs are a convenient and affordable way for women to access early-detection screenings, not just for them, but for their entire family.

Breaking Down Barriers

Let’s face it, health care is expensive. For those with low incomes, many barriers exist such as limited or no insurance, transportation difficulties, language and cultural barriers and even fear.

9Health Solution: Through our community outreach initiative we provide access to life-saving detection screenings, preventative and intervention health services. Everyone needs a place for trusted, reliable health information.

Help Us Reach Our Goal of $20,000

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