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Here you’ll find virtual prevention tools to empower you to own your health throughout the year. These health programs and apps were carefully selected to ensure they are credible and evidenced-based. Don’t see something you would want? Make sure to check back often as we continue to add to our full set of tools!

Get Free Mental Health Help

Taking a mental health screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Conditions such as depression or anxiety are real, common and treatable. And, recovery is possible.

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Please note: Our screens are only for adults. By submitting your responses here, you acknowledge that the screen is not a diagnostic instrument and is only to be used by you if you are 18 years or older. You are encouraged to share your results with a physician or healthcare provider. 9Health sponsors, partners, and advertisers disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from the use and application of these screens. All information is anonymous and confidential.

Quit Smoking Today

Did you know that:

  • within 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure decreases
  • within 8 hours the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal,
  • and within 24 hours your chance of a heart attack decreases?

If you’d like support from a coach, the Colorado QuitLine may be right for you. It’s free, convenient, safe, secure, and gives you access to cessation medications.

If you’d like anonymous, text-based support, the BecomeAnEx program may work for you. This affordable program gives you access to a customized plan, tools, advice and tips from Mayo Clinic, and access to a support group of active ex-smokers.

Staying Healthy This Flu Season

Influenza-like illnesses have can have devastating effects on your life and work. Health screenings, vaccines, and guarding yourself from germs can help you feel your best this flu season. Check out some free resources from the National Institutes of Health on how to stay healthy.

9Health is also offering flu shot vouchers at all our fall 9Health Fairs. Find one near you and keep the germs away this season!

Build A Social Support System

Part of staying physically and mentally healthy relies on having positive relationships and a strong support system. The National Institutes of Health provides great resources for making connections, taking care of yourself while taking care of others, and building healthy relationships.

Know Your Risk for Heart Disease

Heart disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain or stroke. Combined, heart disease and stroke are a leading cause of death in both men and women. Take a quick quiz with the Mayo Clinic Heart Disease Risk Calculator to assess your risk of cardiovascular disease.