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ePrevent FAQs

  • Where did the idea for ePrevent come from?
    • ePrevent is designed based on multiple clinical research studies that have shown that logging food daily, weighing daily, improving sleep, and becoming mindful of your mood, while increasing activity have a positive impact on overall health and wellness.
    • ePrevent is also a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Certified Diabetes Prevention program, so it includes a comprehensive education program to support users throughout the year long program.
    • We realize that creating new habits can be difficult, so we provide the means to track food, mood, activity, weight, and sleep. We provide accountability through a lifestyle coach, feedback and reminders through the application, Diabetes Prevention Curriculum, and content to support all of our users on their journey.
  • How long is the ePrevent program?
    • The ePrevent program is a year-long program.
    • The program is based on 26 assignments. 1/week for 16 weeks, 1 every other week for 8 weeks, and 1/month for the final 6 months.
  • If I forget my password, how do I retrieve it?
    It’s easy. On the ePrevent login screen there is a “Forgot my Password” link that you can use to reset your password.
  • Is there a real lifestyle coach behind the technology?
    • Yes! You will be communicating with a real person who is a trained lifestyle coach. They will support you on your health journey.
    • Your lifestyle coach will be monitoring your data as you use the app. They will have the latest information at their fingertips, and will be able to provide you with personal support.
  • What response time can I expect from my lifestyle coach?
    • On weekdays, coaches are available from 8am-5pm MST, and will respond to you within 24 hours.
    • If you initiate contact after 5pm or on weekends or holidays, your coach will respond the next business day.
    • You will get a notification if you have a new message from your lifestyle coach. A blue dot will appear on the Alert Bell in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • If I have technical difficulties, who do I contact?
    ePrevent-Customer Service and Tech Support: [email protected]
  • Where are ePrevent Headquarters?
    ePrevent is provided by 9Health, which is located in Denver, Colorado.
  • What activity trackers do you support?
    • We currently support both the entire Fitbit suite and Garmin suite of products.
    • In the future, we will expand to offer more devices. Do you have a favorite device? Let us know!

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