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Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Our easy-to-use digital tool combined with support from a certified lifestyle coach gives you the power of technology and the personal touch of a coach in the palm of your hand.

  • Lose weight, eat better, stay active by tracking your daily food, steps, food, mood and sleep.

  • Be accountable and stay motivated with text reminders.

  • For less than most gym memberships, you get the support and direction you need for your specific goal by talking with your personal lifestyle coach.

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Receive support from a certified lifestyle coach

You will be communicating with a real person. Your lifestyle coach will be monitoring your data as you use the digital tool and your health information will remain secure. Conversations happen in a completely private messaging system where you can ask questions, set goals, and receive encouragement.

  • Receive one-on-one coaching on goal setting, managing stressful situations and reaching your goals.

  • Interact with our community chat to get the help and motivation you need.

  • Access eWell when it is convenient for your schedule.

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About eWell

  • eWell is based on multiple clinical research studies that have shown that logging food daily, weighing daily, improving sleep and becoming mindful of your mood and activity have a positive impact on overall health and wellness as you age.

  • We realize that creating new habits can be difficult, so we provide the means to track food, mood, activity, weight, and sleep. We provide accountability through a lifestyle coach and content to support all of our users on their journey.

Start eWell and make a lifestyle change today.

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