Health Topic of the Month May 2017

What Are Your Results Telling You?

If you’ve received your 9Health Fair results already, you now have a lot of valuable information about your health. The nice thing is, we’re not just here to provide affordable screenings, we’re here to help you understand your health, so you can truly own it.

If It’s Urgent, We’ll Call You

Just know, if your bloodwork reveals anything critical, you will get a call from us. And you will get that call no later than 72 hours after your blood is drawn.

With that in mind, you can take comfort knowing that when your results do arrive, you have some time to make a doctor’s appointment. We do encourage you to take your results to your medical provider so they can go over them with you, and keep your results on file to track any changes over the years. Even recognizing a slight change in numbers can be lifesaving.

What Should You Be Looking For?

When you get your results, look for anything that’s in bold with an “H” or “L” next to the number. If it’s in bold, it means those numbers are out-of-range. The reference range is what we call the “normal” range. Some of these results are specific to your age and gender, while others are for the entire adult population (such as the cholesterol levels.)

However, an out-of-range result doesn’t necessarily indicate a serious health issue. For instance, if your cholesterol is slightly above the normal range, it could be a matter of making a few tweaks to your diet and exercise habits to help bring that number back to normal. This is a perfect example of how something can be out-of-range, but not a health emergency. Regardless, it’s always best practice to take your results to your doctor – especially when you have numbers that are not in the normal range.

Who Can Help You?

If you’re still having trouble understanding your results, you have several options for assistance. You can always call us here at 9Health Fair. A member of our Health and Wellness Team can view your results and talk with you about your numbers, then give you resources for follow-up care if necessary.

You can also go to any King Soopers Pharmacy. There, pharmacists are standing by to go over your results with you and give guidance if needed.

And of course, we always recommend you take your results to your medical practitioner. This person knows you best. Based on your family history and other factors of your health, they’ll know which numbers to be most concerned with. And should you need to discuss treatment options or lifestyle changes based on your results, they can connect you to all the resources you will need.

When Should You Go to the Doctor?

If your bloodwork comes back and there’s nothing in bold, then you’re probably fine to wait until your next wellness check to take your results in. However, if you have any numbers in bold, it’s best to go ahead and schedule an appointment with your doctor to go over those results. Again, it’s not an emergency unless you get a phone call from us. If you haven’t received a phone call, it’s fine to wait until the next available appointment.

We always want you to take your results to your medical provider. As we mentioned before, even if your numbers are not out-of-range, tracking them from year-to-year can help give you an early warning signal should something be developing in your body. For instance, we have heard several men detect prostate cancer early because their doctors will notice changes in their PSA levels before those levels even get out of range.

If you do find out from your results that you are at-risk for diabetes, 9Health now offers an online digital tool that can help you reverse prediabetes before it develops into Type II diabetes. Check out our ePrevent Diabetes app to learn more.