Health Topic of the Month September 2016

fall into healthFall into Health

You may have noticed recently that here at 9Health Fair we’re pretty gung-ho about #BusyBeingHealthy. A huge part of maintaining your health, regardless of your schedule, is getting your screenings at 9Health Fair near you.

Why Go to a 9Health Fair

For years, we’ve been encouraging all of Colorado (and a few neighboring areas) to attend a 9Health Fair to find out their numbers. Maybe you think you’re so healthy that you’re fine. Maybe you think you’re too busy. Or maybe you think that since you have a doctor already you don’t need to. According to preventive care experts and our own 9News team, here’s why you should attend a 9Health Fair:

Meteorologist Belen DeLeon: A few years ago I decided to do a blood screening at a 9Health Fair and took the results to my doctor. I learned that I had a low platelet count and that I was anemic. This was also affecting my energy. You wouldn’t know I had low energy from watching me on the morning show, but it was mainly affecting me at home with my family, where it’s most important.

Anchor/Reporter TaRhonda Thomas: I like to participate in 9Health Fair because I feel like I learn something new every time. Whether it’s tips on healthy eating or information on analyzing blood test results, I appreciate having so much information provided at 9Health Fair.

Anchor Corey Rose: I was feeling foggy, and light headed… just not myself. I went to a 9Health Fair to get my blood drawn and found out I was anemic. I was thankful for the 9Heath Fair program in order to catch that early enough.

See? These ladies understand the value they’re getting. By knowing their numbers and tracking them, they are giving themselves quite the advantage as far as their long-term health is concerned. The best part is, many screenings are free. Other screenings are offered at an affordable price (and usually cheaper than what you’ll be charged at the doctor’s office).

What’s New This Season

We’ve been pretty busy over these summer months working hard to make sure we (with the help of our wonderful volunteers!) can provide you with all the important health screenings and information you need.

For instance, did you know that Hispanics are twice as likely to have diabetes over other ethnicities? With that in mind, we are offering two Hispanic Community 9Health Fairs that will be staffed with Spanish-speaking volunteers. There will also be Spanish speaking interpreters at the following sites:

We also have a new testosterone screening that will be offered at all 9Health Fair locations this fall. This isn’t just for men. Ladies can be tested too. For men, the test is $35 and women is $45. (The women’s test is more costly than the men’s because it is more complex to measure the lower levels of testosterone in women.)

As always, we’ll have children’s screenings available at 9Health Fair locations this fall. And your kids may be extra excited to find out that our local America Ninja Warrior, the Ninja Doc, is a huge advocate for 9Health Fair.

We hope to see you at one of our 9Health Fairs! Own Your Health and get #BusyBeingHealthy!