Your Health Matters More Than Ever

9Health atHome is not currently available, but you can still access your 9Health preventive screenings throughout the year. 9Health and Quest Diagnostics have partnered to bring you the 9Health preventive screenings you know and love! Screenings are now available at Quest Diagnostics Lab Patient Service Centers (PSC) throughout Colorado. Choose the preventive health screenings that make sense for you, schedule an appointment, and make your health a priority today! For more information about the available 9Health preventive screenings, click here

9Health Medical Volunteers Are By Your Side

9Health medical volunteers are standing by to help you with questions every step of the way. Just call the 9Health Neighbors line (1-800-332-3078 ext. 2005) and a knowledgeable, friendly medical volunteer will call you back within 24 hours.

We always encourage sharing your results with your healthcare provider. You can print a version of your results from your Online Results Dashboard at any time.

Why 9Health?

9Health is a community non-profit dedicated to the health of all Coloradans for 40 years. Through the 9Health Fairs and other efforts, 9Health mission is to advance health awareness and provide people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health. Our motto – “Own Your Health”. Since our beginning in 1980, our lab partner has been Quest Diagnostics for accurate, timely results you can trust.