You can create a culture that encourages healthy lifestyles for you or your workforce. As a corporate leader, YOU can help inspire positive behavior change, adding to a higher quality of life at home and at work for your employees and their families with the 9Healthy Ticket program.

Is Providing Healthcare Out of Reach? 9Health Has Just the Ticket!

The 9Healthy Ticket is easy to set-up and is an important workplace wellness initiative.

  • 9Healthy TicketA reliable, healthy workforce is the key to a robust economy
  • Fear, lack of insurance or transportation can lead employees to neglect their health, affecting their own lives and bottom-line health of your organization
  • Just $35 invested can provide a blood chemistry screening (as much as $200 for the same screening in the marketplace). A blood chemistry screening can provide an employee with life-changing health information and education
  • This vital information can avert much higher costs in workplace absenteeism and low-productivity due to undetected health issues or unmanaged chronic disease.
  • Pique the interest of potential employee applicants by providing a robust wellness benefit

Purchase 20 or more 9Healthy Tickets and receive a volume discount of 15%! Customized health screening packages available.

For more detailed information, contact Stacey Brake, RN, and Co-Director of Health and Wellness at 303-996-2130 or [email protected]

We look forward to working with you and your employees to create a place that inspires a happy, healthy workforce!


Remember, you can customize the 9Healthy Ticket program any way you want  for your employees. The blood chemistry screening is the most popular screening, but there are many other screenings to choose from or add to your 9Healthy Tickets. You can view a full list of screenings offered here.

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