Health Screenings Available at ALL 9Health Fairs

Blood Chemistry Screening – $35

  • Provides information on your blood glucose, cholesterol, electrolytes, liver, kidneys, thyroids, and more
  • This screening can help you and your healthcare provider monitor and identify health issues such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Pair with Hemoglobin A1c for a complete diabetes screening
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Current research shows fasting is optional (may affect glucose and triglycerides)
  • Continue to take medications
  • Learn more here

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) - $35

  • Measures a protein produced by the prostate gland
  • After discussion with your healthcare provider, this screening may be recommended for individuals age 69 or younger, or those with a family history of prostate cancer
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Hemoglobin A1c Diabetes Screening – $35

  • Measures your average blood sugar control for the last 2 to 3 months
  • Screens for diabetes/prediabetes, or used to follow existing diabetes treatment
  • Pair with blood chemistry for a complete diabetes screening
  • Learn more here

Vitamin B12 Screening – $25

  • Provides baseline Vitamin B12 levels
  • Plays a key role in normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and the formation of red blood cells
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency may be a cause of anemia, numbness of other sensory issues, memory and mood impairment
  • Learn more here

High-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein - hsCRP - $35

  • May better define your risk for cardiovascular disease when added to traditional risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, family history, obesity
  • Elevated hsCRP is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease
  • Recommended in conjunction with the blood chemistry and hemoglobin A1c screening
  • Levels may increase with illness and inflammation, therefore you should not do this test if you are ill, recently injured or have other causes of inflammation unless recommended by your provider as it may give a false positive level
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Blood Count Screening – $25

  • Measures white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets
  • Screens for your body’s ability to fight infection, some clotting disorders, and cancers
  • Learn more here

Vitamin D Screening – $50

  • Provides baseline Vitamin D levels
  • Vitamin D is important to bone health and may affect other vital body functions
  • Pair with blood chemistry for information on your calcium levels, which play an important role in bone health
  • Learn more here

Colon Cancer Screening Kit – $30

  • This take-home/mail-in kit checks for blood in the stool
  • Screens for colon cancer and colon polyps, and may indicate hemorrhoids or colon inflammation
  • Learn more here

Testosterone (Male) Screening - $45

  • Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Levels are best represented when the screening is performed in the morning
  • Low testosterone levels in males can affect energy levels, mood and cognitive function, sexual desire, bone and muscle mass, and fat distribution
  • Low testosterone levels can be caused by many conditions. If out-of-range, seek further evaluation to screen for other underlying issues such as sleep apnea, depression, opiate and other drug use, liver disease, thyroid disorders and others
  • Learn more here

Blood Type – $30

  • Blood test to show what type of blood you have. There are four different blood types
  • Your blood type will remain the same throughout your life so there is no reason to check it more than once
  • Many people are curious what blood type they have but it is not a medical need to know your blood type. It will be checked if you get a blood transfusion or donate blood
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Medical Professionals Ready to Assist You

All of our 9Health Fair sites have medical professionals who are ready to assist you in determining what screenings are best for you. You also have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with them and ask questions regarding any health issue that concerns you or your family. They’ll review your results, make recommendations, set goals and provide referrals or resources for additional information.

FREE Screenings – Availability Varies by Location

  • Ask a Medical Question/Get a Referral
  • Ask a Pharmacist
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Body Fat Skinfold Screening
  • Body in Balance Screening
  • Bone Health Screening
  • Breast Screening
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment & Education
  • Foot Screening
  • Hand Screening
  • Health Topic Presentation
  • Hearing Screening
  • Height/Weight/BMI Screening
  • Lung Function Screening
  • Memory Screening
  • Metabolic Syndrome Screening
  • Nutrition Screening
  • Oral Health Screening
  • Pap Smear Screening
  • Prostate/Testicular Screening
  • Pulse Oximetry Screening
  • Skin Screening
  • Sleep Apnea Screening
  • Spinal Screening
  • Stress Management Screening
  • Vision & Eye Health Screening
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Screening

Additional Health Education Stations and Assessments – Availability Varies by Location

  • Medical Question/Referral
  • Ask a Pharmacist
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment Education
  • Health Topic Presentation
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • Total Wellness Zone
  • …and more!

Some 9Health Fair sites also partner with approved health organizations to offer adult immunizations and vaccines for a variety of conditions. These may include the flu, Tetanus, TDaP, pneumonia, Hepatitis A and B, shingles, etc. Call our office at (303) 698-4455 or (800) 332-3078 for more information and to see which sites offer what screenings.

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