With Text-First Telehealth

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What is Text-First Telehealth?

It’s Simple and Easy to Use

  • Text a doctor your health questions 24/7
  • No computer or internet required
  • No forms to fill out and no waiting

It Complements your Relationship with your Current Doctor

Use for:

  • Urgent care
  • Routine prescription refills
  • Help managing chronic illness
  • Behavioral/mental health questions
  • COVID-19 Symptoms

CirrusMD Saves Time and Money:

“What a relief to have CirrusMD in my pocket. I hurt my eye and I used my CirrusMD app to text a doctor. He asked for a picture and told me my eye was just bruised and it would get better on its own. Without CirrusMD I would have driven over 50 miles to get to an eye doctor and likely would have spent a few hundred dollars to find out it was nothing.”

Unlimited Affordable Access

For $20 you get three months of unlimited access to text-based telehealth from 9Health and CirrusMD. That’s just .22 cents per day to reach a doctor from wherever you are – whenever you need it.

How to Sign Up:

1. Call 9Health at 1.800.332.3078

2. Or click here to go to the 9Health online registration portal

3. If you choose to register online – enter your Group Code in the “Group ID” field.

4. Select “CirrusMD Only”

Need help registering? Have questions? We can help. Call us at 1.800.332.3078 or email [email protected]

Telehealth is part of the future of 9Health:

For years 9Health has been a trusted provider of critical health screenings through our health fairs. We are increasing our offerings to provide access to care for even more Coloradans and that includes telehealth and our partnership with CirrusMD. Through 9Health, you can receive ongoing assistance with your preventive health journey, including affordable health screenings, free online assessments, continuing education and resources.

How CirrusMD Works